Your liquid gold - powdered!

When we freeze dry your breastmilk you get the best of both worlds - the convenience of formula and the individualized nutrition of human milk. The best part? Our process preserves your milk’s unique composition and maintains almost all the immunological and nutritional properties that were present on the day it was freeze dried.

Extend your stash’s shelf-life, lock-in vital nutrients, and simplify feeding your little one with {m}othership milk!


  • Freeze-dried breastmilk requires no freezing or refrigeration.
  • {m}othership combines all of your milk and packages it into convenient, single-serve packets.
  • These packets can be stored up to 3 times longer than frozen milk without compromising nutritional value.
  • Elimates the hassel of frozen milk and takes up a fraction of the space - just add water when you’re ready to use!
Freeze Dry Your Breast Milk - Mothership Milk

Peace of Mind

  • Safeguards your stash - remove your anxieties around power outages, natural disasters or freezer space!
  • Got an oversupply? Don’t worry about wasting a precious drop. Freeze-drying extends the life of frozen milk well beyond the one year mark without sacrificing on nutrition.
  • Worried about lipase affecting your milk’s taste? Freeze-drying halts lipase activity.
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On the Go

  • Breeze through airport security and sit back and relax knowing that you’ve got single serve packets of nourishment at your fingertips. No more clunky cooler bags or ice packs required 
  • {m}othership milk makes it super easy for other caregivers to feed baby when the lactating person is away, at work or simply taking (a well-deserved!) break.


  • Freeze drying human milk has been thoroughly tested for safety and efficacy since the 1950s. In fact, many milk banks around the world have adopted freeze-drying as standard practice because it is so much easier to work with compared to frozen milk.
  • Studies demonstrate that freeze drying breastmilk has minimal effects on nutrient composition, making it just as viable as fresh or frozen breastmilk. Wanna learn more? Visit our research page.


  • Freeze-dried breastmilk is an ultra-convenient alternative to formula or frozen milk and research has shown lyophization to have no significant impacts on overall caloric density, amino acids, total fat, fatty acids (EPA and AA), prebiotics (HMOs), glycoproteins, lysozyme and more!
  • A minor reduction was observed in vitamin C, IgA, IgG and IgM when comparing fresh to freeze-dried breastmilk.
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  • Freeze-dried breastmilk can be used in a variety of different ways and at several different ages! For younger babies, it can be prepared in a bottle or used to enhance nutrition (while simultaneously promoting milk supply and bonding) in a supplemental nursing system.
  • Babies over six months of age can get their Montessori on and sip it from an open cup or enjoy the powdered milk on slippery foods when doing baby-led weaning. Are purées more your speed? No problem. Mix the powder into oatmeal or organic apple sauce to easily pack an extra nutritional punch!
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