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When does milk production start?

Many people are concerned baby won’t get enough until “their milk comes in,” but colostrum is actually the perfect first food for tiny tummies and a little goes a long way. Read on to learn more about baby’s first superfood: colostrum!

  • What is it? Colostrum is the first, ultra concentrated breastmilk that your body produces and production usually starts around 16-22 weeks gestation. It’s low in fat, high in protein and minerals and is the perfect first food for baby.
  • What does it look like? Colostrum is quite sticky and thick compared to mature breastmilk and is typically yellow or orange in color due to a high concentration of beta-carotene and Vitamin A.
  • What does it do? Colostrum is full of  immune boosting antibodies, helps establish gut health, and contains growth factors that build muscles, bones and supports brain development.
  • Why is it important? Colostrum lines the gastrointestinal tract and prevents absorption of harmful microorganisms into the system, acts as a laxative which aids in the removal of meconium and reduces jaundice, acts as a microbial defender, fights inflammation and prevents low blood sugar in full term babies.
  • Many of our clients freeze dry their colostrum to save for future pregnancies or to set aside for when their child is sick, as freeze drying has better nutrient and antibody retention that long term freezing. It’s no wonder they call it liquid gold!
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