At Mothership Milk, safety is our number one priority. We understand how precious human milk is and how much time, energy and love goes into pumping each and every drop. Our process is extremely meticulous and has been evaluated by lactation consultants, midwives, obstetricians and food safety experts to ensure that your hard work is handled with the utmost care and caution every step of the way.  

That’s why we only freeze-dry one person’s milk at a time to ensure there is zero chance for cross-contamination. 

Our protocols were developed under the guidance of Dr. Doriane Le Bourse, PhD in Biochemistry and Bioinformatics.

We adhere to all guidelines set for by the Human Milk Bank Association of North America pertaining to the safe handling and proper storage of breastmilk.

We’ve also developed an app exclusive to Mothership Milk that ensures cold chain of command verification to safeguard your stash at every leg of its freeze drying journey.

Our technicians are trained in the proper handling of human milk as outlined by the CDC and don special personal protective equipment when coming into contact with your milk.

As soon as your stash arrives, the first of several temperature checks is done to ensure your milk was not thawed in transit. Each individual bag is labeled with your name and a unique serial number and stored in a climate controlled freezer. The freezer’s temperature is carefully monitored and back up generators are at the ready in the event of a power outage to guarantee your milk is kept frozen while in our care.

Our machines are carefully calibrated to ensure that their temperature will not alter or damage the molecular structure of your milk, to help maintain its unique nutritional composition.

After each batch, all components of our freeze-drying machines and equipment are double-sanitized to prevent cross-contamination between clients. 

Zero chemicals or preservatives are used in the process. Rather, sublimation is used to gently remove the frozen milk’s water and the milk transitions directly from a solid to a gaseous state without ever being defrosted. 

In terms of packaging, your milk is then placed into the highest-quality, high-barrier storage bags to safeguard your powdered milk and protect it from heat, light and oxygen. These bags are FDA approved. As an added step, an oxygen absorber is added to each bag to further ensure and extend its longevity. Oxygen absorbers are food-safe and GRAS by the FDA.

Our process is completely compliant with 21CFR110.35 which outlines “current good manufacturing practice in manufacturing, packing or holding human food.”