What to expect after a tongue tie is released?

What to expect after a tongue tie is released?

We had our tongue tie released. Now what?

-while the majority of breast feeders report an immediate and significant improvement after an oral restriction is released, there is still much work to be done to maximize comfort for both mama and babe.

-on the first few days after the tie is clipped, expect baby to be fussier than normal. They’ll probably have a hard time latching on both bottle and breast - many assume a revision is a cure-all, but a period of un- and re-learning is often required to undo compensatory actions that the developed when they were restricted.

-a white patch will likely form at the surgery site and discomfort and reflux symptoms tend to worsen before they improve.

-because breastfeeding is a whole body experience, bodywork can be extremely helpful and can reduce tension, increase alignment and improve latch.

-working with a lactation professional is essential, as they will help you create a care plan specific to your unique situation. The skin under your baby’s tongue has been there since about 8 weeks gestation and probably requires gentle guidance to relearn how to function optimally and use their tiny tongue.

-within 2-4 weeks after the procedure, a new frenulum will begin to form. The white patch at the surgery site will begin to gradually shrink and the mobility of the tongue increases in all directions.

-suck training, bodywork and continued lactation support are all modalities that will continue to make feeding easier for you and your babe.

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