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What is elimination communication?

Have you heard of Elimination Communication? It’s method used to help your baby learn to use the toilet right from birth, an antidote to traditional potty training practices and a way in which connect deeper with your baby. Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, if you think about it, what did our ancestors do before the invention of diapers? EC involves carefully observing your baby to help you cultivate an awareness around when they’re signaling that you need to go. There is no training of the child, rather, it is the adult who becomes trained in observation and responding to what baby is communicating and cuing. For more information go to https://godiaperfree.com/easy-start-guidehttps://godiaperfree.com/easy-start-guide

 Wondering if elimination communication is right for you? Let’s explore some common concerns:

Myth: EC is too time-consuming. Fact: EC can save time in the long run by reducing the duration of diapering and the need for diaper changes.

Myth: EC is only possible with stay-at-home parents. Fact: EC does not have to be a full-time commitment! Its methods can be used to fit various lifestyles, including working parents.

Myth: You have to start EC from birth for it to be effective. Fact: While starting early can be helpful, parents can begin EC at any age and still reaps its benefits.

Myth: EC forces babies to potty train prematurely. Fact: EC is about communication, not coercion. It respects a child’s natural development and focuses on connection.


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