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What can you do with freeze-dried breast milk?

Freeze-dried breast milk can be used in various ways, thanks to its long shelf life and preservation of nutritional content. Here are some common uses for freeze-dried breast milk:

  1. Emergency Supply: Freeze-dried breast milk can serve as an emergency supply of breast milk for situations when fresh breast milk is not available or accessible. This can be particularly useful during travel, power outages, or other unexpected circumstances.

  2. Travel: When you're traveling with your baby, freeze-dried breast milk can be a convenient option. It's lightweight, doesn't require refrigeration, and can easily be rehydrated when needed.

  3. Fortify your baby’s bottle: If your baby requires supplementation, you can mix freeze-dried breast milk powder into their bottles to pack an extra nutritional punch! Always consult with a pediatrician or lactation consultant before introducing any new feeding practices, especially if your baby has specific dietary needs or health concerns.

  4. Homemade Baby Food: You can incorporate freeze-dried breast milk into homemade baby food recipes. Simply add it to your purees, oatmeal or yogurt for an extra nutritional boost. Check our socials for recipes and inspo! If baby led weaning is more your speed, coat difficult to grasp foods like avocado in their powder to help baby grip it more readily while they perfect their pincer grasp!

  5. Smoothies and Food for Older Children: For older children who have transitioned to solid foods, you can use freeze-dried breast milk powder in smoothies, yogurt, oatmeal, or other recipes to enhance their nutritional content.

  6. Baking: Freeze-dried breast milk powder can be used as an ingredient in baking recipes, such as muffins, pancakes, and cookies, to add a nutritional element to the baked goods.

  7. Teething Relief: Some parents dissolve a small amount of freeze-dried breast milk powder in water and freeze it in silicone teething molds to create soothing breast milk popsicles for teething babies.

What are some ways you’ve used your freeze dried breast milk?! Please feel free to share on social media for a chance to be featured! We love seeing your {m}othership milk in the wild! 


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