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What’s a Supplemental Nursing System (SNS)?

What Is a Supplemental Nursing System?

A supplemental nursing system is simply a device that provides extra nutrition for babies who may have difficulty latching or who require extra supplementation. It consists of a small container that is attached to a short tube that attaches to the breast/chest and into the baby’s mouth when they suckle. As the baby sucks, they get a continuous flow of food while also stimulating the production of breast milk and skin to skin. A win-win!

Why use a SNS?

Supplemental Nursing Systems can be particularly helpful in instances of low milk supply,  when fortification is recommended by a medical provider or in the case of various chest surgeries, such as breast implants, top surgery and mastectomy that may affect one’s ability to produce milk. It is also sometimes used by an adoptive or intended parent to induce lactation or to promote bonding via skin to skin. Many biological parents freeze dry their breastmilk so that the intended parent(s) can feed their babies with it. Lactation consultants and IBCLCs are experts in human lactation and can help you you achieve your individualized goals.

Can I Use an SNS with (M)othership Milk?

Yes! Simply fill the reservoir with your reconstituted milk and use the SNS as per the manufacturer’s guidelines.

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