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Is freeze drying breast milk good?

You asked, our clients answered! Don’t take our word for it, here are just a few of our reviews:

“Level up your feeding game!
I exclusively pump and this has made my life sooo much easier, especially when it comes to night feeds! I just keep a packet and a thermos full of warm water on my nightstand and I can instantly whip up a bottle of BREAST MILK without even leaving my bed! And, my baby seems to love it as much as I do - he used to get hangry as I fumbled around bleary-eyed trying to warm up his midnight snack. This has been life changing and I cannot recommend freeze drying enough!” - Erin.
“As a mom and a lactation specialist, I LOVE this!
As someone who is a lactation specialist so I see sooo many people stress over how to store their milk and how to make it last longer, I love having this as an option. I think it’s a game changer when it comes to not wasting milk at daycare, while traveling, or when your babe is hanging out with other providers. Safe, easy to use, and well worth it. I also live in a state where we have a need for Earthquake kits and being able to tell parents about how this is a safe, shelf stable product made from YOUR own milk to add to the kit is exciting!! This is such an exciting product within the lactation world and I cannot find a mountain high enough to shout out how much I stand behind a product like this!!!” - Lauren Archer /
First of all, Kayleigh’s customer service is beyond amazing! She is the best! I am so excited to have my milk freeze dried. Saves so much room in the freezer, lasts for so much longer, and there’s so much I can do with it (mix into purées, add to BLW finger foods, etc). I will most definitely be sending her more of my milk.” - Tyler.
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