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How to ship breast milk

Can’t make it to our Southwest Michigan facility to drop off your milk? No sweat, we’ve got shipping covered! Our state-of-the-art, pharmaceutical grade coolers will keep your milk frozen for several days at a time. Even in the event of a delay, our meticulous shipping protocols provide a whole lotta buffer to ensure safe passage for your liquid gold from your home to our facility. We’re here to safeguard your stash at every iteration of its journey:

Here’s how it works:

1. Get a Shipping Quote: At checkout, plug in your address and we’ll instantly provide a custom quote tailored to your location.

2. Shipping Kit to Your Door: We’ll mail you a complete Shipping Kit that’s got everything you need to send us your stash and keep it frozen in transit.

3. Ship Your Milk to Us: Once you’ve got your milk packed in our state of the art cooler cooler, overnight it to us using the prepaid label.

4. The Magic Happens: We’ll then freeze-dry your breastmilk and transform it into breastmilk powder. Expect a 3 week turnaround for shipped orders, or a 10 day turnaround for local orders.

5. Powdered Gold Back to You: Once it’s ready, we’ll ship the breastmilk powder back to your doorstep, in single-serve portion so you’ve got breastmilk at your finger tits, er, finger tips.

In a Hurry? If you can’t wait to get your hands on the freeze-dried goodness, just opt for “expedited shipping” at checkout. You’ll jump the queue and halve the processing time, along with getting fast-track shipping options.

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