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How do I get my newborn to sleep?

Debunking myths on newborn sleep: Sorry aunt Gertrude, but it’s time to put this we these misconceptions to rest:

  1. Add rice cereal to their bottles to help them sleep longer: please don’t, this is advice is actually an outdated choking hazard.
  2. Babies need to learn to self soothe: actually, newborns require adult support for co-regulation. As is the case with walking and talking, sleep is developmental and unfolds on a spectrum as unique as the child.
  3. Feeding to sleep creates a sleep crutch: we don’t know about you, but some yoga nidra, magnesium, and a cuppa chamomile really help us drift off. It is normal to seek comfort before bed (or anytime, really!)
  4. Keep the baby awake during the day so they sleep at night: In the case of an infant: sleep begets sleep! An overtired baby will actually produce more cortisol to help keep them awake which in turn will make them *more difficult* to get to sleep.

In a world with unlimited information at your fingertips, remember that your intuition is a sound and resourceful compass. Take only what external information serves you and leave the rest. 

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