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Common Myths About Lactation

  • The quality of breastmilk depends entirely on your diet.
    • False! Human milk is made directly from your blood, not your stomach contents! 
  • You can’t eat spicy foods!
    • Nope! While it’s true the taste of your milk can change depending on your diet, there is no data to support the notion that capsaicin (the compound that makes food spicy) has been found in human milk.
  • Reflux is always caused by a dairy allergy.
    • False! Reflux is usually caused by an unidentified oral restriction, such as a tongue tie. Consult with a lactation consultant who is versed in diagnosing ties.
  • It always hurts, especially in the beginning.
    • Wrong! Nursing and pumping should not be painful; reach out to a lactation consultant for support. Nursing (and parenting in general) have been framed as 
  • Pediatricians always have sound lactation advice.
    • Not always. Peds receive very little training about lactation, unless they seek out additional education on their own. While they have expertise in many areas of children’s health, lactation isn’t always one of them.
  • You can’t get pregnant while nursing. 
    • This is a super common misconception! Many people don’t realize they are cycling again, because ovulation typically occurs before menstruation.
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