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Generation Mindful

"Ready-To-Hang" Time-In ToolKit by Generation Mindful

"Ready-To-Hang" Time-In ToolKit by Generation Mindful

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Fulfilled by our friends at Generation Mindful

Create a Calming Corner in your home or classroom with The Ready-To-Hang Time-In ToolKit®.

This "Ready-To-Hang" version of our famous Time-In ToolKit® includes all of the same information and activities, but takes up 1/3 of the wall space with a smaller poster size, and sturdy, faux-framed material.

The Time-In ToolKit® playfully teaches kids 2-9+ how to navigate big emotions through social emotional skill-building games. Created by child-development experts, your ToolKit includes everything you need to create your own Calming Corner and start taking Time-Ins instead of Time-Outs with your little ones.

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