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Digital Calming Corner & Time-In ToolKit Bundle ($49) by Generation Mindful

Digital Calming Corner & Time-In ToolKit Bundle ($49) by Generation Mindful

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Fulfilled by our friends at Generation Mindful

Our world-famous Time-In ToolKit™  to create a Calming Corner is now available in digital format, no shipping required. Get started today with instant access!

Use Time-Ins To Transform Challenging Behaviors  

Children often communicate feelings like overwhelm, fear, anger, and sadness by acting out or having what is commonly referred to as a tantrum or meltdown.

Instead of telling children, “You did bad, so now you need to go away,” which is the message time-outs send, we can assure children, with our words AND our actions, that “When you acted out, you were FEELING bad. Let’s learn from those feelings together.”

Our internationally-acclaimed Time-In ToolKit brings the science of emotional regulation into fun, daily practices that will benefit the entire family!

Digital Time-In ToolKit Starter Guide

What's included in my ToolKit?

Your Digital ToolKit includes instant access to everything you need to create your Calming Corner and start using Time-Ins!

How Do I Feel? Poster
My Calming Strategies Poster
 Calming Down Steps Poster
 My Calming Corner Poster
 What Can I Do? Activity Mat & Cards
 32 Feeling Faces Printable Cards
 PeaceMaker’s Pick-A-Card Game (video) 
SnuggleBuddies Feelings Song (video) 
Time-In ToolKit™ Digital Manual

You'll also get:

  • BONUS Time-In ToolKit™ Manual Audio Book
  • BONUS My Calming Strategies Coloring Book
  • BONUS 10 Printable Activity Sheets 
  • BONUS Connect Before You Correct Printable

What's a Time-In?

Time-Ins are dedicated times to process and regulate our feelings and big emotions. Your Time-In Toolkit creates a safe space (or Calming Corner) for you and your child(ren) to play, learn, and grow your social-emotional skills with playful, evidence-based games & activities. We call this “Taking a Time-In.”

#1 predictor of a child's future success and happiness is their emotional intelligence." -Yale, Harvard, Columbia University

What are the benefits of Emotional Intelligence? 

Let’s Teach Kids HOW to Feel. Children aren’t born knowing how to regulate their emotions any more than they are born knowing how to tie their shoes. 

Social-emotional skills have been devalued, hushed, and overlooked for generations. But thanks to mounting research, we now know the benefits of nurturing emotional intelligence.

  • Improved behavior and cooperation
  • Better listening and communication
  • Higher academic grades
  • More empathy and kindness
  • Resiliency and problem-solving skills

[Raver, Garner, & Smith-Donald 2007; Eggum et al. 2011] [Rivers et al. 2012]

How do I get started?

Your Time-In Starter Guide will walk you through the basics of taking a Time-In and setting up your Calming Corner, while the Digital Manual and Audio Book will explain the science behind emotional intelligence, positive discipline, and connection, and explore more ways to use your Calming Corner through fun Time-In activities.

You can view your digital toolkit on a device or (we recommend) printing out the components and laminating them for more durability. Wherever possible, we encourage using tangible tools to connect with your child and limiting the use of devices. 

Calming Corrners in action!

How is the Digital ToolKit different from the physical Time-In ToolKits?

Your Digital Time-In ToolKit is available immediately after purchase and is a consolidated, downloadable, and streamable version of our physical ToolKits. Our physical Time-In ToolKits are shipped to you and include high-quality posters, card decks, laminated activity mats, and more. (See actual customer Calming Corners using our physical ToolKits above!)

Our physical Time-In ToolKits are also available bundled with other Time-In tools like our SnuggleBuddies plushes and Heart's Treasure Hunt children's book.

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