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Üphoric Urth

Bundle No. 03 — The Detox Duo by Üphoric Urth

Bundle No. 03 — The Detox Duo by Üphoric Urth

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Fulfilled by our friends at Üphoric Urth

Chaga and Reishi are both immune supporting power houses independently, but when you stack them together — you behold a detoxification powerhouse. Chaga is extremely high antioxidant properties which combat free radical damage, and support overall cellular health. Reishi completes the dynamic detox duo ability to protect and heal the liver from injury. Studies have shown that animals (with both toxin and alcohol-induced liver injury) have improved their liver function and liver enzyme tests after being given extracts from Reishi mushrooms.

This Detox Duo bundle includes one of each of the following high potency tinctures:

  • Chaga — No. 03 
  • Reishi — No. 06 

Learn more about the detoxification benefits of these medicinal mushrooms by clicking the Product Information link here:

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